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Parachute is:
Parachute man is PUP-E Powered - powered by the PUP-E game engine.

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Parachute man is brought to you Ominous Game Labs.

Parachute - The madcap adventures of platform dodging Paraman!

Parachute is an exceptional new action / platforms dodging, mobile game for Android™ powered mobile devices.

Paraman the arcade platform dodging hero stood hands in pocket. Paraman does a Parachute jump on the Desert Mahem level!
If you enjoy classic jumping games such as Doodle Jump, NinJump and Abduction, then you will love this variation which takes the genre and turns it on its head!

Help our action adventure hero "Paraman" to parachute jump down through 40 fun packed levels avoiding obstacles, collecting power-ups and completing each as fast as possible to achieve the maximum score.

But be warned, there are many mysterious creatures & critters that plot to thwart your progress as you drift and fall....

Rumor has it that there are Aliens involved, if this conspiracy is true, could you chase them back to their home world?!

Parachute jumper sports a cool doodie! A Parachute game for Android mobile. Arcade game screen of a jungle jump level.

Parachute utilizes the tilt functionality of your mobile phone to intuitively guide Paraman's descent through the cleverly tricky levels:

• Tilt your phone right to guide Paraman right

• Tilt your phone left to guide Paraman left

• Tip your phone towards you to speed his descent

• Tip your phone away from you to slow down, ..simples!

Really simple mechanics enabling, hard-to-put-down, highly addictive game play!

Parachute for Android mobile. The bonkers underground jump in the Area 51.2 level!
Paraman is such a welcoming chap. Feel the love and buy his game!
You are Paraman. A slightly unhinged, but incredibly skillful Parachutist.

Have you got what it takes to parachute jump down through 40 challenging levels, jam packed with deadly obstacles, to reach the final landing pad.

Parachute through 5 uniquely themed areas:
  • Mountains
  • Jungle
  • Desert
  • Area 51.2
  • Space
Each area contains 8 hand crafted levels with unique obstacles and creatures to avoid.

Parachute for Android mobile. Arcade game screen of a ice mountian level. Dodge moving platforms, falling objects, killer bees, angry yetis, UFO's, rockets, missiles, rocks, flying pigs, and a whole lot more!

Uses accelerometer and touch for control.

The faster you fall down the higher score you will achieve, but be careful, avoiding those obstacles will require careful control.

Post your scores online and compete for the top spot in the Parachute leader boards!

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P.S. We put a handy bar code link on the left of every page, simply use your phones camera to scan and go! Arcade platform dodging Parachute jump man loves his game.