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Bunny Wars Egg Defense - Brand new FREE game available now!

Bunny Wars - Egg defence is now on Google Play for Android devices! Click here to download directly from Google Play or read on:

If blasting cute little bunnies into oblivion is your thing, then Ominous Game Labs new casual action/arcade game Bunny Wars: Egg Defence could be the carrot you've been looking for.

With intense bunny blasting action Bunny Wars - Egg Defence lets you help the Angry Birds (well chicks really!) defend their eggs from the invading evil bunnies!

Help the chicks repel endless waves of advancing bunnies who think of nothing but making it away with the chicks eggs. It's time for war. Bunny Wars!

For more information and methods of obtaining this game for FREE please click here!


Amazing easter offer!


Parachute lands Facebook integration!

Parachute v1.1.7 has landed. Heres whats included:

  • Post Scores to Facebook. New feature!
  • SuperChute and Invincibility Stacking error fixed. Bug Fix ( sorry about that!)
  • Rate To Win Competition Updated. New possibilities!


Parachute Free gets 4 more levels and..

We have listened to feedback and have given away 4 more levels to let you sample the delights of each scenario. We have also been hard at work fixing some pesky little bugs with certain phones and rolled them up in to a nice shiny 10 level release!
If you enjoy our new Parachute Jump / free-fall game, please rate us!

..we have special giveaways of the full version!

RATE TO WIN: Every month we will be giving away a FREE* full copy of Parachute. Simply rate this game and leave a comment on the Android Market, then email your name along with your comment to:

*Winners will be picked at random at the end of each month and contacted by email. To claim the free copy, when winners are notified by us they must then purchase the full version and we will refund you within 48 hours. Sorry, its the only way we can action this wiht Google checkout.


Parachute High score tablesnow viewable form this website in your browser!

Thats right, simple click the high scores button in the menu above and you can then choose to view Normal mode or Kids mode high score charts! Works in all mainstream browsers!

The links are below too!

Normal mode highscores          Kids mode highscores


Parachute gets a favourable review on Droidgamers!

Ominous Game Labs lets loose Parachute onto the market. Like Doodle Jump but the opposite.

Fans of games such as Doodle Jump and other titles where you have to climb as high as you can to reach the goal of each stage while dodging obstacles and enemies will enjoy this game. Developed by Ominous Game Labs, Parachute is like Doodle Jump but the exact opposite in that you have to safely land at the bottom of the stage.

You'll have to maneuver around platforms, enemies trying to collapse your parachute and all kind of other things in your way to the bottom. Parachute comes with two play modes, Standard and Kids so everyone can enjoy the game and all 40 of the levels that come with it. As you may have guessed, to control your character you have to tilt your device.

Parachute is a casual action game with pretty cute but humorous graphics, something you'd find in an online flash game or South Park. Unfortunately for you, it's about as addictive as Doodle Jump and similar games as well so don't be surprised if you play it for an hour straight. You can pick up Parachute off the Android Market for $4.02 or try out 6 levels in the free version before you buy.
For the full article please go on over to Thanks guys, for taking the time to review our 1st game! :)


Androids 1st press release!

Got Android? Get Parachute!

That's the message start-up Indie developer Ominous Game Labs is using to promote their first entry into the Android Market with casual action/arcade game, Parachute.

Parachute sees the player taking control of Paraman, a somewhat crazy looking Parachutist, as he attempts to race his way through 40 fun packed levels, dodging platforms, objects and enemies to safely reach the landing pad.

Dominic Birch, lead Software Developer and co-designer of Parachute, said "The primary focus during development of Parachute was to ensure that the player is constantly having fun. We achieved this through a simple tilt control mechanism and by hand crafting each level to provide challenging, addictive game play."

"Another of our goals was to provide variety so that players always have something new to discover, hence the 40 levels are split equally over 5 uniquely themed areas, each with their own set of obstacles to avoid. From Icy Mountains with freezing platforms, falling icicles and snowball lobbing yetis, through to the far reaches of Space with UFOs, rockets and alien artifacts."

"Players are gently eased into the action with the first few levels containing basic static platforms. More challenging obstacles such as falling objects, moving platforms, killer creatures and a host of mysterious projectile throwing yetis are introduced as the player progresses."

Ominous Game Labs have produced an impressive and polished game. With colourful graphics, beautiful parallax scrolling backgrounds, simple game play and cute sound, Parachute looks set to be a great addition to the Android Market. Two modes of play, Standard and Kids, provide enjoyment for both adult and younger gamers alike, with high scores stored either locally or posted online to the Parachute leader boards.

You can purchase the full version of Parachute from:

A free version is also available from:

Ominous Game Labs was founded in 2010 with its primary focus on producing simple, addictive and fun games on mobile devices for all to enjoy. Parachute is the first title Ominous Game Labs has launched for the Android Market, and plans are already underway for several other titles. You can contact Ominous Game Labs and discover more about Parachute by visiting